A mobile app for buying/selling new and used children's clothing, shoes & accessories.

Save Money by purchasing name brand, quality clothing for a fraction of the price.


Huge Selection

By using PreLuved, you can find tons of amazing name brands and styles of new and used children’s clothing and you can find it all at your fingertips!



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Save Money

Never have to spend money on clothing again! Snap a picture of your child’s outgrown item and list it on PreLuved! When your item sells, use that money to buy them the next size up; now that, is smart!


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Quick Exchange

Need some extra cash? Want space in you closets? Instead of shipping those items to online consignment shops where you get back a small fraction of the cost that you originally paid, list those items in a PreLuved Auction for a quick turnaround!Learn More

Family Matters

This application puts its focus on helping families to find everyday smart, economical solutions. Save more money, and make exciting new memories with your family!


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What Users Say

After using this application, I was able to find fashionable, cute clothing for my child at a very affordable price. Can you believe I only spent 30% of what I would have if I went to the store? I love being able to resell my daughters items and buy her new things!
Jessica Holmes, NY, USA,
I have always hated taking my daughters name brand clothes to local kids consignment shops! They barely give you any money back! I like that i can resale kids clothes using a clothing mobile app! Super convenient :)
Holly Argyle, OR, USA,
I love Preluved! You guys have saved me so much time and so much money. With five children, shopping isn’t easy. I love buying my kids clothes online and not having to drag my kids to all these stores. You have made us so much happier! I love how i can find so many cheap items, saves me so much money! Thank you so much!
Evelyn MacKenzie, OH, USA,